I just stumbled onto your website. I have never known anything about the Barr side of my life, or my heritage. Thank you. Curious by nature, I've always wondered where that half of me came from and thanks to you, after many many years of wondering, I have many answers. I don't know why I'm crying right now except that I now know a bit of history of where I come from. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. (My dad) said he remembers talking to Sue Barr many years ago and that she had told him about you. He asked me to pass along a thanks from him to you as you have given my brother and I info that we wanted so badly for so long and he just didn't know how to get it for us. I'm closer to knowing about my biological mother than I ever was and it's pretty neat. Thank you again!!

J. L. to Gary Barr on discovering her family history on our website...
October 1st, 2010

I'm so excited to have found this site! My cousin stumbled upon it and forwarded it to me. I am the granddaughter of James Barr & Minnie Schieberl-Barr, daughter of Mary (Angela) Barr. I have never known much about the Barr side of the family, so the info you've compiled will be invaluable!

Heather Barr-Brown to Gary Barr on discovering her family history on our website...
June 9th, 2010

Hello Gary and Theresa (LOVE the name by the way!)

I'm so impressed with the work you've done on the Barr lineage. It really is fascinating how we are all connected in one way or another. It's curious in that I've grown up around a lot of the folks mentioned on your website knowing we were related but never understanding exactly how. Many of the dots are now connected, thanks!

Theresa Barr-Alcazar, to Gary and Theresa Barr
March 26th, 2010

Excellent site!

I stumbled across your site while researching the family. I am the son of Eleanor Barr, daughter of Walter Barr (sounds so biblical). My uncle is Wayne Barr who still farms the homestead in Missouri.

What a great compilation of the family tree. I think that is so cool to go back that far. Thomas sounded like a "big wheel" in the late 19th century in MO. I worked on that farm and Wayne's farm for over 8 years thoughout high school and college. Wayne wanted me to send some research to him. You have made my task very easy. Thank you.

Gregg Willis, from the Charles Barr branch of our family, 5th generation.
January 13th, 2010

I just ran across this Barr Website. Wow...

Funny, my grandmother (Delia Barr-Woodsmall) held her hand like that in the picture and did until the day she died, so did my mother and my 9 year old daughter...

Wes Yates, to Gary Barr on Gary's grandfather Robert Lee Barr's sister Delia.
July 28th, 2009

"I love the website and refer family to it all the time. Thanks for the hard work. Uncle Rob (Robert Lee Barr, Sr.) was my favorite of Grandpa Barr's (John Clarence Barr, Jr.) siblings . He was so sweet and looked like my grandpa. I just loved him and he always hugged us and we always went up to him because he and grandpa were two of the sweetest men I ever met. When I was in High School, we moved to Shackelford and went to church with all his family every Sunday. We lived across from the church and I was married there in 1964. So, of course I know most of your aunts and uncles. I remember the beautiful Mary Alice and looked up to her when I was a child. She had a wonderful piano recital at Mercy Academy when she was in High School. I know Anna Margaret better than any. I just love her. I did meet you briefly in all the confusion at the (2007 Barr) reunion. I recognized your dad (Kenneth Joseph Barr) from long ago. I had not met John Barr--who was a total charmer and joker. Most of the family I knew--such as Uncle Charlie's (Charles Barr) and Aunt Sissy Woodsmall's families. I was blessed to get to know the family that I grew up in back there."

Lana Purcell, to Gary Barr on his grandfather Robert Lee Barr's family.
September 4th, 2008

"I remember your grandmother (Frances Amelia "Millie" Weis-Barr) well. She played the organ at Immaculate Conception church in Shackelford, MO, when I was growing up - from about the time I was in maybe 4th grade to about 7th or 8th. I remember she always had a smile of encouragement for us as kids; I remember that we didn't sing out that much."

Cathy Summers, to Gary Barr on his grandmother Frances Amelia Weis-Barr.
July 2nd, 2008

Congratulations dear descendants of the Barr, Weis, Kochanowski, Crompton and Larkin families! You've unearthed a remarkable genealogical treasure, and it cost not one cent of your disposable income! We boldy predict each of you will be able to embrace something from this site that will have some pertinence to your world - as narrow or as vast as it may seem. From journalistic musings to photographic journey, from musical stylings to historical perspective, you'll find our pages quite extraordinary. From humbling youths to relevance, achievement, grace and glory, ours is a story that must be told at any expense. To all you troubled souls who give a damn about such things, we find it incumbent on ourselves to spend a few minutes entertaining you with the riches you'll find amongst these pages. It is with great pleasure that my adorable wife Theresa and I present to you our family history.

Welcome to the show!

From Gary and Theresa Barr to all of you...
April 1st, 2008


Thanks to you and your husband for the great family website. Laurie (Larkin) Pierzina

Small world isnít it? LOVELY website, by the way. Sue (Duncanson) Gordon

I didnít realize that I was related to so many darn people. Iím not sure who runs this, but I think itís really a neat deal. Have a great day! Thomas Craig Brackhahn

Thank you so much for all your work - I learned so much & was wonderful to see pics of my great grandparents... Kathie Anderson-Hansen.

We have enjoyed the site so much and really have enjoyed the pictures, music, and most of all the family history. Thanks. Steve and Gayle Purcell

Thank you so very much for all of your hard work in compiling data and organizing it... We certainly have a large and colorful family history. Joel M. Barr

My hat is off to you for compiling all this family history. Sincerely, Kristin Barr-Randolph

I appreciate the information that you have posted about our branch of the Larkin Family... Padraic "Patrick" T. Larkin

I know of all the hard work you have put forward and we all appreciate that. John F. Barr

Your website really moved me... Brian O'Barr

I like your website, the way it is set up and the music is great! Sincerely, Stacie Mehr

I appreciate the work that someone did. It is a wonderful site. Thank you. Loretta Larkin Garza

The Barr website you have made is great! It was nice to go and find out all the "connections" we have out there! Julie Brownfield-Slocum

Just checked out the Barr Family Website. Interesting stuff Gary. William Sanders

I've enjoyed looking through all the information contained in your Barr Family Tree on the Internet. You have done an outstanding job. Bruce Crampton

I have just been looking at your excellent website, well done. Ian Stone - Bolton, England

My cousin told me about this site. Delia Barr was my grandmother. It was nice to see her at a young age. Thanks for all of your work. Jim Woodsmall

Thanks for your great resource. Judy Proctor

So I was on-line today, looking for a phone number for you, and instead I came across your great web-site. The pictures of the [2008 Democratic National] Convention gave me goose bumps! Regie Hunt

Great job on the new info! Renee Rees-Morrow

Hello! I found your wonderful tree while browsing the internet yesterday. You have done a wonderful job! Linda Streit Chomyszak

You have done a marvelous job on your website! It is wonderful what you are doing. Bonnie Jo Bertagnoli-Zehrung

Thanks for putting together the great website! It is very interesting. Kimmie Mines-Barr

I just had a chance to look at the [2008] DNC pics. What a thrill that must have been - it was like you two were representing us in Denver! Mary Alice Barr-Nicholson

I enjoyed your [2008 Democratic National] Convention pictures. Cece Hopper

Thanks for sharing. Such good remembrances! Susie Barr

Gary, website looks great. Thanks for the hard work. Hope all is well in Colorado. The Belleville, IL Barrs: Scott, Barbie, Colton

Gary, I hope everyone gets to enjoy this as much as we do. Love, Dad

I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think the family tree website you did is. What an incredible resource for the family! Jennifer Duncanson-Barr

Thanks for putting this together. It was a blast to see! Chrissy Lienemann

Thanks for doing the site. Bill Crompton, Jr.


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