DECEMBER 31, 2010

The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs

Happy New Year from Gary and Theresa Barr!

"Let's end the year of our 50th birthdays going out with a bang". Gary and Theresa Barr decided "Why not?" If you live in Colorado, this is known as one of the premier New Year's celebrations. Gary bartended at the Broadmoor during college, and would only stay there one night during a blizzard, a managerial precaution to make sure the resort would be fully-staffed for their guests. Gary always figured he'd return some day, but this time as a guest.

Opportunity arose, so Gary and Theresa attended the New Year's Gala Event at The Broadmoor on December 31st, 2010. The two got to Colorado Springs in the early afternoon for a sightseeing drive and some shopping in Old Colorado City, home of the Michael Garman Galleries, a few blocks from where Gary once resided. Great stuff, his sculptures, all in the flavor of vintage American Norman Rockwell scenes. Every home should have a piece.

As they finished shopping, it was 2 degrees and wind chill 18 below zero, when they closed the interstate at the entrance to the resort that Friday, after a few semi tractor trailers got tangled up on the icy roads. Not to worry! Having worked there in the past, Gary knew the outlaw route in to the back of the resort, parked, and the two would leave behind the frigid weather to enjoy a first-class New Year celebration at the 5-star resort.

As you'd probably expect, Gary was with the prettiest girl at the ball. Things always just seem to work out this way for that guy. Cocktails at 7pm, dancing at 8. Their seven-course meal started at 9pm, with beef filet and lamb chops as the main course. More dancing with the 12-piece band, featuring world-class jazz saxaphonist Nelson Rangell as special guest. The midnight champaign toast topped it off, with all the fanfare you'd expect of such a historic resort as The Broadmoor.

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Of course, lots of photos for you to enjoy, and for Gary and Theresa to remember this special event at The Broadmoor World Class Resort. Enter 2011, and back to the business of business. Happy New Year!

Gary & Theresa Barr



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