Barr Lineage: Kenneth-Robert-John-Thomas

Gary Vincent Barr and Theresa Crompton-Barr

Gary Vincent Barr was born to Kenneth Barr and Louise Kochanowski-Barr in 1960 Atlanta, Georgia, at Piedmont Hospital on Peachtree Street, fittingly, the year Ray Charles wrote "Georgia On My Mind". Theresa Ann Crompton was born to William J. Crompton and Florence Elizabeth Larkin-Crompton in 1960 Chicago Heights, Illinois. Theresa is three weeks younger than her husband.

By the 1960 birth year of Gary Barr and Theresa Crompton-Barr, the Baby Boom Era was nearly over, 77% of all US families owned cars, and 15% owned two or more. Ford introduced the Falcon in 1960, and Chevrolet introduced the Corvair. A gallon of gas was 25; a car $2275. Elvis Presley returned from his military service in March 1960, and wrote two of the top singles of the year, "It's Now Or Never" and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" Chubby Checker introduced The Twist at the Peppermint Lounge in New York, and aluminum cans were being used for the first time in 1960. The US announced 3500 Army troops would be sent to Vietnam that year, and on November 8th, 1960, John F. Kennedy defeated Richard M. Nixon to become the youngest US President elected to office.

About the Crompton Family

The Cromptons are a very large family from old world England. 14th generation Theresa Crompton-Barr descends from James Crompton, born circa 1575 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. Theresa's great great grandfather, tenth generation William Crompton, with Hannah Hobson-Crompton, and the first few of their twelve children, would sail from Liverpool to America with the great Mormon movement, landing on the east coast of the US in 1866.

William Crompton and Hannah Hobson-Crompton

William and his family would walk their ox team across the country, to arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah. William and his party had taken turns staying awake at night to protect their families and their belongings as they journeyed across the country.

Before the railroads arrived at the Mormon settlement in Utah, the pioneers including William and Hannah dug their homes in to hillsides or would live in crude log cabins. Their main sustenance would come from the coal mines around Salt Lake, and employment conditions were horrendous. Their pay would be made only in trade at the employer's own store, for things such as staples, molasses, supplies, and spoiling fruits and vegetables that were no longer fit to feed the miners as they worked. The Cromptons lived off the land for sustenance, and William would trade farm animals for land and materials, and would build houses for his family as they could afford.

When the railroads were building from Wyoming to Utah, William and several of his sons would move to Almy, Wyoming, to employ with the railroads. It would be the first money William and Hannah had seen in over two years. While many of the children remained in the faith of the Latter Day Saints, several would convert to Catholicism, including Theresa Crompton's great grandparents and her grandparents Joseph Crompton and Carolyn Hegler-Crompton. They would move their three sons from Ogden, Utah, to live in Omaha, Nebraska in the 1930's.

The three brothers (William, Robert, and Jack Crompton) would raise their own families in Arkansas, Nebraska, and Colorado, where Theresa Crompton-Barr would grow up, and would meet and marry her future husband Gary Barr, who since birth had also moved west to Colorado...

Please visit the Crompton Family Tree

Gary Barr was raised in the 60's with his older sister and younger brother in Shawnee, KS, suburban Kansas City. Downtown Shawnee had paved roads for little more than a decade by the time his parents had settled there. A decade before that, it was trail and trolley that served the Kansas City suburbs. While he was reared in suburbia, Gary would always gravitate to the woods, to the hunting, camping, and fishing. His father Kenneth was raised on a Missouri farm where he grew up with three brothers and three sisters. It always cracked Gary up when he or his dad could land a fish that seemed as big as he. Gary still feels the same about such possibility while fly fishing, a half century later.

Gary would pack on up in 1984, and head out west to nest in the hills. He spent the year exploring the gorgeous Western Slope of Colorado, and managed a restaurant in the (then) tiny town of Delta, Colorado. He went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he lived for six years at the foot of Pike's Peak, the mountain that brought him to Colorado. For most of his college career, Gary booked concerts and special events for the University during his studies. It was a great decade for music. He would joke that he spent so much time in the 80's up in Morrison, Colorado, catching shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater, that he had his mail forwarded up there for a while...

Pike's Peak and Red Rocks

Gary's bride Theresa had moved to Colorado from Chicago by train as a child with her parents and her three older brothers in June of 1964, twenty years before Gary arrived in the state. Theresa and Gary would meet at their workplace in Aurora, Colorado, in 1991, and the two began dating in 1993. The two married on June 3rd, 1995, and proudly raised their two sons Chad and David in Aurora, Colorado...

Gary and Theresa are charter members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.


Chad Michael Clary b. 3/24/1984 Denver, CO
David Joseph Clary b. 2/10/1988 Denver, CO


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