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In May, 2011 we received the following email: "My name is Molly Madigan and I am the great great granddaughter of Mary Barr McCall. Mary was born in Co Donegal in Jan 1830. She immigrated to Philadelphia sometime in the 1840s or early 1850s. She married Michael McCall. My grandfather, John Michael McCall was their grandson, my mother is John McCall’s daughter. I have a copy of Mary Barr McCall’s obituary. She died November 1904 in Freemansburg PA and was buried in Her obituary states that she is survived by two brothers, Thomas Barr of Shackelford MO, and William Barr of Philadephia. The obit unfortunately does not mention her parents’ names."

Until this point, we had known only of the two Barr brothers (Thomas and William that are mentioned in the obituary) who had also been born in Donegal, Ireland during the same period. Thomas was born there in April, 1824. Mary was born in Donegal in 1830, the year King George of Ireland would die.

Thomas Barr would be the only of these three siblings that landed in Pennsylvania and moved on.

While we have never found any of William's Pennsylvania descendants, we do know that he did have at least one child, a daughter. If she was an only child, it is possible that William's branch of the Barr family ended with his passing.

Mary had joined her brothers in Pennsylvania at age twelve. Could we now surmise her parents came with her from Ireland on that trip? Seemingly, Mary and William remained in Pennsylvania, while brother Thomas moved on to Burlington, Iowa, and then to Saline County, Missouri to be a farmer and raise his family of ten on a 500-acre Missouri farm.

Mary Barr married Michael McCall, and the two would have six children, Mary, Annie, Jane, Bridget, Catherine, and Owen, (two of which died at an early age).

Michael McCall would die in February, 1904, and Mary Barr-McCall would pass November, 1904, at her home in Freemansburg, Pennsylvania, and is buried in St Michael’s cemetery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We've researched cemetary records there, which state "Michael McCall 1901", and Mary A. 1904" next to his name, are buried there. They had 21 grandchildren at the time.

We know Mary's brother Thomas J. Barr would die in 1910 Shackelford, Missouri, but it is unclear where their brother William Barr died or is buried. William did live in Philadelphia the year Mary died, however.

About the McCall Family
Emigrants from Scotland and Ireland, the McCalls were present in America before the Revolutionary War. The family was found in great numbers in Pennsylvania and Virginia by the mid-1700's.

Michael McCall and Mary Barr-McCall Children:

1) Eugene Owen McCall, who had a son John Michael McCall. (John Michael McCall would have a daughter and a granddaughter Molly Madigan).
2) Jane McCall m. James Duffin of Mingo Junction, OH.
3) Mrs. John McKenna stayed in PA.
4) Mrs. James Reynolds stayed in PA.



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