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David Crompton and Elizabeth Kennedy-Crompton

David Crompton was born February 9th, 1856 in Kearsley, Lancashire, England, to William Crompton and Hannah Hobson-Crompton, the second of twelve children. It was the year Democrat James Buchanan defeated former President Millard Fillmore. David journeyed to the US at age nine, with the older children of William and Hannah, and landed in Utah as the railroads were reaching Utah and Wyoming in 1866.

Elizabeth Kennedy was born December 6th, 1861 in Thornton Row, Scotland, to John Miller Kennedy and Elizabeth Black. It is unknown at which point she immigrated to the US. Elizabeth died on Christmas Day, 1930, and is buried in Evanston, Wyoming.

David was a rancher, and lived in Utah and Wyoming. According to David Crompton's great-granddaughter Bonnie Jo Bertagnolli-Zehrung, David "started work in the Almy (Wyoming) coal mines at the age of thirteen, and helped clear the sagebrush and willows on his father's homestead."

David and Elizabeth married on May 23, 1879 and had fourteen children, 5 girls and 9 boys. David worked for Chapman Brothers Meat Market for twenty years, and then bought a ranch about two miles south of Evanston, where he and his sons ran a dairy farm.

David Crompton died February 24th, 1914 in Ogden, Utah, and is buried in Evanston, Wyoming. Elizabeth died December 25th, 1930 in Evanston, Wyoming, where she was buried on December 29th, 1930. Biographies and photos of David Crompton, Elizabeth Kennedy-Crompton and their children were donated by Bonnie Jo Bertagnolli-Zehrung, great-granddaughter of David Crompton and Elizabeth Kennedy-Crompton.


(1) John David Crompton b. 12/23/1880 Riverside, WY. d. 3/20/1928 Casper, WY. Buried Evanston, WY.
m. Georgina Winn Gheen on 9/01/1912 in Cumberland, WY. b. 9/22/1895 to William Joseph Gheen and Mary Hannah Winn. d. 7/03/1981 Ogden, UT. buried St. Charles, Bear Lake, Idaho.

(2) Elizabeth Crompton b. 2/01/1881 Argyle, UT. Died in infancy 2/02/1881.

(3) Hannah Crompton b. 2/21/1881 Evanston, WY. d. 12/12/1970 Ogden, UT. Buried 12/15/1970 Evanston, WY.
m. Walter Ronald Sims on 7/12/1900 Evanston, WY. b. 7/04/1877 in Long Island, NY, to Arthur William Sims and Annie Blight. d. 9/02/19953 Evanston, WY. Buried 9/06/1953 Evanston, WY.

(4) William Crompton b. 2/17/1884 Almy, WY. Died in infancy 11/10/1885 Almy, WY.

(5) Margarete E. Crompton b. 2/7/1886 Almy, WY. d. 7/21/1943 Salida, CO. Buried Salida, CO.
m. Marshall Patrick West 12/25/1910 Evantson, WY. b. 4/30/1885/1886 in Maxwell, TN, to Simeon E. West and Marie H. Patrick. d. 11/05/1925 Salida, CO. Buried Salida, CO.

(6) Lawrence Crompton b. 12/9/1887 Almy, WY. d. 9/04/1962 Evanston, WY. Buried 9/07/1962 Evanston, WY.
m. Elizabeth Ann Herring on 2/26/1911 in Evanston, WY. b. 11/24/1890 in Red Canyon, Almy, WY to Samuel Herring and Elizabeth Ann Parsons. d. 2/17/1969 Evanston, WY.

(7) Carl Crompton b. 12/16/1889 Almy, WY. d. 8/27/1967 Ogden, UT. Buried 8/30/1967 Ogden City Cemetery.
m. Rushia Loar West in 1910 Bozeman, MT. b. 10/05/1894 Leavenworth, KS. d. 5/27/1969 Ogden, UT. Buried 5/31/1969 Ogden, UT. Her parents Henry Clay Litchfield and Arbelia Frances Britt.

(8) Daniel Crompton b. 8/11/1891 Almy, WY. d. 12/31/1959 Evanston, WY. Buried 1/04/1960 Evanston, WY.
m. Mona E. Fotheringham on 12/31/1914 in Evanston, WY. b. 12/15/1895 Beaver, UT to Frank Fotheringham and Heneretta Schofield. d. 1/09/1975 Evanston, WY. buried Evanston, WY.

(9) Annie Crompton b. 3/13/1893 Almy, WY. d. 9/16/1981 Evanston, WY. m. Leslie James Bateman on 5/02/1914 Evanston, WY. b. 5/31/1888 Bloomington, ID. d. 11/23/1924 Evanston, WY. Son of Alfred James Bateman and Edith Letitia Nelson.

(10) Clarence Don Crompton b. 12/13/1894 Almy, WY. d. 6/02/1918 Evanston, WY. Buried Evanston.

(11) Budd Crompton b. 9/07/1896 Almy, WY. Died in infancy 12/28/1896 Almy, WY.

(12) Frank Crompton b. 12/28/1897 Almy, WY. d. 12/29/1954 Rock Springs, WY. Buried 1/01/1955 Evanston, WY.
m. Zina Mae Wright on 8/07/1922 in Randolph, UT. b. 11/30/1905 Coalville, WY to Thomas Frances Wright and Ellen Amelia Stones. d. 5/25/1925 Evanston, WY.
Frank m. (2) Ivy Bertha Evans Porter on 5/14/1934 in Green River, WY. b. 3/21/1890 Randolph, UT to Cornelius Edward Evans and Martha Hodges. d. 9/20/1968 Evanston, WY. Buried Evanston, Unita, WY.

(13) Maud Emma Crompton b. 1/05/1900 Almy, WY. d. 9/15/1972 Roosevelt, UT. Buried 9/17/1972 Evanston, WY.
m. Jesse Clark on 9/01/1920 in Evanston, WY. b. 5/24/1889 to James Clark and Mary Ellen Palmer. d. 6/22/1957 Evanston, WY. Buried 6/26/1957 Evanston, WY.
Their four daughters: Clara, Lucille, Ila, and Margaret. 14 grandchildren.

(14) Theodore Roosevelt Crompton b. 3/07/1905 Evanston, WY. d. June 2nd, 1974 Evanston, WY. Buried Evanston, WY.
m. Amy Lym on 4/06/1827 in Randolph, UT. b. 3/11/1904 Almy, WY to Luke Lym and Naomi Rebecca Saxton. d. 5/02/1994 Evanston, WY.



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